Hello and welcome to your LOVE Psychic Guidance Tarot Reading. Take a moment to relax, focussing on the cards in the picture, choosing either card 1, 2 or 3, you may be drawn to more than one, and that’s okay. You’ll then see your messages below!

CARD 1 – Forgiving and Learning
It’s time for you to let go and move on. It may have been a traumatic time for you over the past 12 months and you may have felt heart broken or just badly hurt by someone in the past or maybe even more recently. You need to know that the way they treated you was and will never be your fault.
The way they treated you is a reflection of how they feel and is nothing that you’ve done, it’s their own karma. It was their choice to treat you that way, you may find someone in your life right now needs forgiving if not the past, but it’s time for you to let go and move forwards with a more positive mindset.
Maybe there is still emotions and feelings when it comes to someone from the past, but you need to move on in order for you to be happy. Life is all about lessons as we know, and unfortunately they aren’t always positive, but one lesson that has been brought to you is all about self worth and self love, and until you accept that you are worthy, you won’t find that true happiness that you are seeking.
It is also no good to leave a door half open, so to speak. You need to decide whether you want to full break a connection or if you want to give it time, either way – do what’s right for you, but don’t just forgive someone based on words, let them show you, let them treat you in the way you deserve. You also need to be with someone who will put the same amount of effort in to a relationship as yourself, someone that gives it 100% as it seems in the past that it was all your effort and not anything on their part, this will only leave you with doubts and insecurities that you definitely don’t need.

Has someone made you feel trapped? It seems to be that you’ve felt stuck and have probably stayed in a relationship or stayed in communication with someone to keep them happy. This is not good for you, whether it’s the past or present. If you are not happy in a relationship or even if you are dating someone and it is just not ”feeling right” then that’s how it is, and you can’t force it. You need to listen to your heart, listen to your gut when it comes to love. You may have been involved with someone abusive or violent, or even just someone with a temper, possibly with some narcissistic tendencies? They may have made you feel trapped and made you feel that everything was your fault, and they’d never accept any blame for anything at all?
You need to love and accept yourself first before you can be in a loving relationship. Spirit are guiding you to think about your mindset and how you’re feeling mentally and emotionally right now, and be kinder to yourself. Spirit are guiding you to take time with your love life and relationships, there is no need to rush. You have plenty of time and there is no need to settle or find a long term partner because you’re unhappy. 
If someone cannot accept how you feel or appreciate how you feel then they do not respect you, especially if you are open and honest with them. When it comes to relationships you must remember that you are equally worthy of love and respect just as much as anyone else.

Any lies and dishonest are being brought to the surface and are being revealed. It may be that after being involved with someone that you have / will find out that they were dishonest, or maybe someone who is in your life right now. Yes at times, you can worry and maybe over think, but if something doesn’t feel right to you then it most likely isn’t, so listen to your heart. It seems that you’ve been manipulated and lied to. Spirit are guiding you to let go of the past in order for you to move forwards and if you are not emotionally ready for a relationship then that’s fine, remember that it’s okay to take time and it’s okay to take time to focus on yourself. With that said, it’ll be a great time to make any changes in your life, focus on goals, dreams and your desires. Spirit will be behind you every step of the way, but once you take your focus away from a situation that has only caused you unhappiness, you will see so many blessings and opportunities coming in to your life, there is so much for you to be grateful for, but maybe your mind has been so clouded by negativity that you are missing it. You can give someone so many chances but you can never make someone change, as you know. You need to think about yourself now and how their behaviour has made you feel. Someone may try to convince you they’ve changed, but have they really? Be careful of someone coming back into your life who’s lied to you and been dishonest before, they can easily do it again, you need to now realize this and stop putting yourself in a situation where you have already been hurt, knowing that it can happen again. 

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