Mercury’s entrance into Aquarius on the 5th signals a shift in our mental focus and connections, drawing us towards humanitarian efforts and genuine social ties. This presents an opportune moment for strategic collaboration on our long-term goals.

The new moon on the 9th unfolds suddenly, reminiscent of the first day of high school, prompting us to introduce ourselves. It may feel a bit awkward as our individual ego recognizes its role in the collective. Both our conscious and subconscious urge us to fulfill our duties to ourselves and others, fostering mutual support for growth. Embrace change and explore healing solutions for the benefit of all.

Mars and Venus move into Aquarius on the 13th and 16th, altering our passions and motivations. Mars encourages active pursuit of our dreams with the backing of others but warns against sporadic energy that can lead to accidents. Venus promotes beautiful relationships, prompting reflection on how we create space for others to support us. Embrace creativity without reservations, as Venus in Aquarius encourages raw and unfiltered expression, recognizing the need for updates in our existence.

Lastly, the full moon in Virgo on the 24th brings tension, raising awareness of our responsibilities to ourselves and others. Embrace Virgo’s analytical energy, addressing emerging issues without succumbing to fear or anxiety. Despite any apprehensions, this full moon offers a sense of release through the understanding that optimism arises from maintaining faith. Have faith and confront what is necessary for healing.

For a comprehensive overview of the entire month, check your rising, sun, and moon signs. Happy navigating through the cosmic waves!

February continues the theme of self-actualization and healing for you, Aries. It’s an excellent month to reconnect with your dreams, shedding any fears holding you back. Engage in activities signaling your readiness for positive change, aligning actions with your aspirations. Stay connected to your community, adapting habits for collaboration. This month emphasizes stepping into aspirations and creating a supportive environment for your journey.

Strategic moves and career advancements are on the horizon for you in February, Taurus. With Aquarius energy illuminating your professional realm, it’s time to act on plans and aspirations. Exercise caution to ensure steps taken align with long-term dreams. The celestial support assists in reshaping perspectives and aligning professional support systems with goals.

February brings a time of expression and celebration for you, Gemini. Embrace curiosity and explore new ways to tap into your inquisitive spirit. With Mercury in Aquarius, be true to yourself and navigate life innovatively. Despite potential discomfort during the full moon, use it as an opportunity for self-awareness and healing. Each painful lesson contributes to growth.

Healing and transformation continue for you, Cancer. Embrace the potential for profound changes this month. The new moon nudges growth beyond fears’ limitations, while the full moon sheds light on mental obstacles. Communicate needs openly, whether for more support or setting boundaries. Embrace transformative energy and propel yourself forward.

Relationships take center stage in February for you, Leo. Dive into connections and focus on how you hold space in relationships. Plant seeds of collaboration and connection, but be cautious of unexpected outbursts. As the sun transitions, hone in on relationships for growth and success.

Feel a surge of motivation to pull your life together, Virgo. Shift focus to work and health, kicking detrimental habits to prioritize well-being. The full moon may bring tension, serving as a wake-up call to prioritize yourself. Taking care of yourself ensures optimal performance.

February is filled with love and passion for you, Libra. Embrace Venus’s influence by fostering connections and creating pleasing experiences. Be open to new love interests during the new moon. Utilize the month to discover better ways to enjoy existence consistently.

Shift focus to home and family in February, Scorpio. Actively live in your space, appreciating contributions from loved ones. Avoid slipping into routine and actively engage with those around you. Show tender loving care in your sanctuary.

Continue examining daily routines and habits in February, Sagittarius. Allocate time efficiently, connecting the dots for a more organized life. Take a moment to assess the broader perspective for effective task management.

Zoom in on finances in February, Capricorn. Reflect on unexpected gains, but prioritize pursuits aligned with dreams and purpose. Let go of control, ensuring actions contribute to your envisioned life rather than ego satisfaction.

Celebrate your unique qualities in February, Aquarius. With the sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars in your sign, embrace the spotlight. Consider a wardrobe refresh or a new haircut. Big changes are on the horizon, so embrace the ride.

Engage in reflection in February, Pisces. Acknowledge challenges and lessons of the past year without clinging to it. Appreciate the past in a new light, paving the way for a healing future. Look forward to closure on certain chapters of your life.