The 31st October Full Moon in Taurus is a blue moon. A blue moon happens when two full moons occur in the same calendar month, they are rare and only happen every two to three years. A full moon happens once every 28 days, and this is when the sun and moon are at their brightest.

The October blue moon will be in the sign of Taurus, which is bringing balance in our lives and is guiding us to let go of anyone or anything that is no longer serving us. Great fortune is going to be abundant during this Full Moon and Halloween time. The energies of 2020 have been incredibly strong, emotionally challenging and traumatic for most of us.

The Blue Moon is considered fortunate and is something to be celebrated. It is a perfect time to make long term goals and plan for our future. The Blue Moon is a tremendous time for positive growth in our personal lives.

This is the perfect time to communicate with our own Loved Ones as the veil between Heaven and Earth is believed to be at its thinnest. The Blue Moon is a perfect time to perform spiritual ceremonies and rituals, the perfect time to focus on new career opportunities, love, legal areas, money, goals and dreams.

Before the October 31st Blue Moon you may be feeling emotionally heightened, you may be feeling more sensitive and intuitive than normal.

This is a wonderful time for personal and spiritual growth, be aware of relationships, friendships, love and family related issues coming to the surface, as there are things that need to be dealt with, and will create further problems in the longer term if not sorted out now.

This 31st October Blue Moon is guiding you to do the following:

  1. Let go of anyone who is holding you back.
    – this could be a love, friendship or family connection.
  2. Try to stop doubting yourself and go with the flow.
  3. Listen to your Intuition and gut feelings as they are the strongest right now.
  4. Connect with the Angels for any guidance and self healing.
  5. Meditate if you wish to connect and expand your own Intuitive and Psychic gifts.