Palm Reading

What palm readings can really tell you about your future. 

Through palmistry, you can learn a lot about your destiny and about yourself. Our palms can tell us about our love lives, health and emotions. I wanted to share some insight into palmistry and my top tips on how to read your palms at home. 

The Life Line

Found between the index finger and thumb, your life line can reveal insight about your health and can outline significant life changes that are set to take place in your future. If you have a long life line, this indicates that you are a resilient and strong individual. On the other hand, a broken line can suggest that you will endure struggles or challenges in your life.

A double life line, or more than two lines, can have various meanings. One example is that your soul mate will shortly come into your life, or you have a loved one who is guiding you throughout life and watching over you.  The Head Line:  The head line indicates a person’s beliefs, opinions and overall personality. It is located between the index finger and thumb, running across your palm. If you have a long head line, this would suggest that you are ambitious with clear goals in mind. A shorter line can show that you’re more impulsive and you might need to be careful when making decisions… 

The Heart Line

The heat line begins near your middle finger and extends towards your little finger and provides an insight into your emotions and love life.  A heart line that ends between your middle finger and index finger indicates that you are a very caring individual, although this could read as being someone who is a little too caring sometimes. Alternatively, a heart line that starts below your middle finger, highlights that you are an individual with a good business head, someone who would be a great leader.  

Want to know how many children you are destined to have? 

Make a fist, and look on the side of your hand where your little finger creases into your palm, and you should see little lines stemming out towards your knuckle. The number of lines indicates how many children you’re destined to have!  

Check out my video on palmistry to learn more: