What does it mean to be an Ophiuchus?

If you were born between 30 November and 18 December, you’re probably
wondering what it means to be an Ophiuchus. Avid star sign fans have been left a little confused after the announcement of this 13 th star sign and those who fall within the Ophiuchus dates are keen to find out more…

Being an Ophiuchan can mean as little or as much to you as you want, and
here’s why:

Even though it is considered that this is a new star sign, Ophiuchus is actually a constellation which the sun has always passed through at this time of year.

The Babylon’s originally chose to leave it out as 12 star signs fit much more
neatly into the twelve calendar months of the year. So, simply put, Ophiuchus has always existed, but its effects have not been considered as much as the star signs that we are all familiar with.

That being said, most of us were quite confused at its addition into the zodiac calendar. I feel that its position between Scorpio and Sagittarius speaks for itself. If you find yourself as an Ophiuchan, you’re not wildly different from your former star sign.

Ophiuchan’s are passionate, spirited and charismatic. However, with these traits can also come jealousy, secrecy and a tendency to overreact and have a bit of a temper.

The constellation is said to resemble a man intertwined with a snake. Personally, I feel that the symbol of the snake represents its venom. A snake’s venom can either kill or cure, the Ophiucan’s passionate nature definitely lends itself to this duality. They find themselves with the intention of passion but can take this too far and have negative consequences for others. Yet, the passionate caring side

always shines through, with friends and family appreciating an Ophiuchan’s loyalty overall.