The zodiac calendar might have changed, but that doesn’t mean that Ophiuchus is a new phenomenon. Ophiuchus is actually a large constellation in which the sun, moon and planets travel through from roughly the 30 November to 18 December
every year.

The Babylon’s did not carve it out as one of the 12 star signs because they believed it to be the odd one out, they thought the original 12 fit more neatly into the 12 months of the year.

However, things have changed now that we’ve welcomes the 13th star sign. Whilst 13 may be unlucky for some, I’m confident this new sign is a welcome addition to the zodiac calendar.

Don’t be alarmed if this changes your star sign, you’re amongst a good crowd, with Britney Spears, Taylor Swift and everyone’s fave…Chrissy Teigen!

The sky isn’t a fixed entity and the zodiac has been adjusted accordingly.
Unsurprisingly, 3,000 years after the Babylon’s established the star sings, the Earth’s axis has shifted. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to adapt our perceptions of the zodiac.

Many of us will often find it hard to accept change. This represents the fear of the unknown and for many of us, our walls go up. Learning to adapt to the changing world is of great importance. The sky is fluid and changing much like the world around us, we need to learn to embrace these changes and take them on as challenges of development rather than a barrier.

Are you an Ophiuchus? How do you feel about the change?