Hello and welcome to your Psychic Guidance Tarot Reading.

Think of a Question you’d like to ask then take a moment to relax, focussing on the cards in the picture, choosing either card 1, 2 or 3, you may be drawn to more than one, and that’s okay. You’ll then see your messages below…

Card 1

Your chosen card is The Ace of Swords. Someone has been holding you back recently and it seems you’ve been feeling stuck in a certain situation. It seems that you have or will be faced with a decision and it’s going to mean that you need to choose between whether you want to prioritise someone else’s happiness, or your own. Spirit are guiding you, they can help you and support you, but cannot make any decisions for you, it is up to you what you do right now and moving forwards. It seems that you have put someone else first for too long now and it’s time to think of yourself.

You may have recently been feeling a little powerless as you have tried to support someone but it seems they aren’t listening to what you have to say, and they need to help themselves in order to get better and for things to improve. Someone may also have a tendency to blame you for everything, and make you feel like they ”don’t want you” or that you aren’t good enough, but the minute you pull away they will probably chase you and it’ll be a very different situation. Remember to stand strong and don’t let anyone control you or make you do something that you don’t want to do, you need to stand in your own power and stand for what you believe in and what you know is right and go with what makes you happy.

There is also a new beginning coming in to your life. It may just be about to come, but when it happens you need to trust the process and let go of the old and bring in the new. This new beginning is indeed promising and is definitely around a material area of your life, ie. work, career, money or property. Hold on right now and know that spirit are hearing your prayers, calls for help and that what is meant to happen will come to you, what you want to happen may not, but what is meant will never pass you by.

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Card 2

Your chosen card is Judgement. It seems that you have been wronged by someone, but they can’t accept what they’ve done wrong. It may have been like you’re talking to a brick wall, so to speak, and this person has always blamed you and made you feel like everything is your fault. This can’t happen any longer, it’s time to stand up to them and stand up for yourself. Don’t let anyone push you into a place where you feel you can’t voice how you feel or stand up for what you believe in.

The past 12 months probably hasn’t been the easiest and someone that you’ve trusted turned out to be dishonest and possibly disloyal to you whether friendship or love. The Judgement card is showing that a difficult situation is coming to an end in your life. It’s time for you to focus on good things, positive things and positive people. You need to let the past year go in order for you to move forwards. Yes, you may find that your trust is damaged now and you have barriers up, it’s okay to protect yourself, but don’t make the mistake of thinking that everyone is the same, as they aren’t. You are going to know straight away the next time someone is dishonest rather than dismissing your feeling as doubts, you are very intuitive being drawn to this card and must listen to you gut feelings in situations.

The Judgement card guides you to keep calm and be methodical right now in your thinking. I feel you’ve been holding back on something but also feel like making a change in your life, you mustn’t do this on impulse, follow your heart always, but make sure you think it through. Make sure that you don’t make a permanent decision on a temporary feeling. Spirit are with you every step of the way, and will be supporting you through these times. Judgement card can also show you’ve been through a battle and this may be a legal battle but fight for what you know is right and don’t give up. Justice will be served and the truth will always come out, if you’ve been truthful and honest then you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

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Card 3

You have chosen the 6 of Swords, this shows that something has / is coming to an end in your life, but that is meant to happen. The universe is moving you away from people who are only bringing you down. You will also notice that any friendships or connections that are one sided will probably come to an end, and there may become a distance between you and anyone who is taking advantage of you. Your outlook and mindset will be changing, and especially when it comes to how you look at friendships. You expect people to treat you in the way you do them, you are incredibly loyal and kind.

This does bring an ending to a painful situation, an ending of a period of upset, grief or sadness. This may also be the ending of a stressful time, perhaps a phase in a relationship or business venture. The 6 of swords tells you that sometimes situations end, and at the time we don’t always see the bigger picture, but listen… this change may feel dreadful at the time, but it is actually a blessing in disguise that you cannot see quite yet. Spirit are guiding you to let go of someone that has hurt you right now and you must not go back to the past. Keep moving forwards.

Be aware of someone who has / will try and convince you that they’ve changed or that things have changed, you need to listen to your heart and let them prove to you they’ve changed, don’t just take their word for it. What they are saying may seem right, but do the actions follow?

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