October’s first full moon is the harvest moon on October 1, Chris Riley chrisrileymedium.com reveals everything you need to know about this Full Moon. The full harvest moon will rise at 5:05 pm ET on October 1 and will appear for three days, according to NASA.

Aries is believed to be an assertive star sign, it is all about focussing on your intentions and being proactive with your desires. If you’ve been holding back on something in your life, whether it be a goal or a dream you have, then now is time to make necessary changes in your life to bring you closer to what you truly desire.

The sign of the ram sits across from the 7th house of the zodiac, which is the ruler of partnerships, relationships and marriage. Any issues and conflicts in relationships may crop up, and some relationships could come back together, maybe someone will reappear from the past, so look out for that during October.

It is great to have big visions and live our dreams, but we need to also focus our attention on how we are actually spending our time each day, what we are focussing on and who we spend our time with. Is it good for your mental health? Think about your daily routine and and how you can make any changes to be able to focus on the things you truly love and desire.

If you have been feeling tired, sluggish or demotivated then expect this to change this month. If there is something you have been meaning to do and have been pitting off, then now is time to get it done, so take action on this full Moon, as you may just find things get things done quicker than you thought!

This Harvest Moon is time for us to let go of pain, and let go of anyone who is holding us back. We need to make way for new growth and make way for new opportunities and people who shall be coming into our lives. This is your opportunity to grow, do not let this moment pass by.

Here is a very simple ritual for you to do that will help you to let go and release this on this Full Moon.

  • Write down all of the things that you would like to release & let go of on a piece of paper.
  • Go outside and read your releases out loud, under the moonlight.
  • Burn the paper and let go of the ashes into the air.
  • Give thanks to the Moon, to God and all that is Divine.

Don’t forget to also place any crystals under the moonlight for cleansing.

This year, we have collectively faced many challenges. You may be feeling exhausted right now or as of late, but remember to hang in there and not give up even though you are feeling this way. The Harvest Moon is bringing us the energies we need to continue to focus and reach our goals, so let’s not give up now!

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