What can our dreams mean?

Dreams are a very personal thing and can mean different things for everybody. With many people in the world sharing that they’ve been experiencing strange dreams lately, I wanted to share my interpretations on what some of the most common dreams can mean.

Which of these have you experienced?

Being chased – This can represent needing to let go of the past or feeling threatened by someone. You may be trying to run away from something in your life and being too impulsive with decisions. Take time to think things through as you could regret a decision that you’ve made based on a temporary feeling.

Falling – As a common dream, falling has a few meanings with one being that it’s time to let go. Another could be that you’re feeling that you are losing control of something in your life or that you are failing right now. Perhaps you are feeling let down by a certain opportunity. Remember not to be so hard on yourself.

Hands – Dreaming of injury or losing your hand / hands can show a loss of power.

It may be someone is controlling you or that you feel a loss of control in your life.

Looking closely at your hands in a dream is showing that there are some things in your life that you need to think about carefully and that you may be planning too much. It may be that you just need to be a little more open and go with the flow.

Teeth – Teeth falling out, or dreams relating to teeth, can show lies and dishonesty. You may be listening to gossip or be around someone who’s lying to you. Is someone being dishonest right now and you’re in denial about it? Don’t trust everything you’re told straight away.

Animals – Animal dreams can represent the part of you that feels connected to nature.  Being chased by an animal can show that you’re holding back emotions and holding on to fear or regression. 

Babies – Dreaming of a baby can show a desire to have a child or signify new beginnings and a fresh start. In addition to this, it can also show vulnerability or that you don’t feel loved by someone right now.