#1 If you’re drawn to the black heart then it’s time to be thinking things through in your life, you choices, decisions and actions. Remember after every action there can be a consequence. It may be you’re thinking of leaving something in your life, remember things happen for a reason and spirit are guiding you to think things through and don’t make a permanent decision on a temporary feeling.

#2 Spirit are guiding you to listen to your intuition. This shows you are very in touch with your own feelings. You can sense spirit but also you know what is right for you and what isn’t. Stay clear of drama and disagreements as much as possible now. Remember though, sometimes things have to clear and almost have to come to a head for them to change and get better, some situations may not be nice but remember that you can decide who you want to be around and who you want to spend your energy on and more importantly your time with.

#3 Spirit guide you to new beginnings. New beginnings perhaps in work, career or even love. This is a time when you can stress a little less, something you have been asking for support with and perhaps just hoping will be okay, it will be. This shows an ongoing problem such as a disagreement or a battle, and you will see why you needed to be determined as you will get to see the results you have aimed for. This is time for any new beginnings and progress in work, career or study. You are ready for a new chapter in your life, let it start now.

#4 If you’re drawn to this crystal then you are a very strong individual. You don’t rely on anyone, you are strong, determined and when you’re knocked back down you get back up again. Not only do you come back stronger but you fight harder! Remember how a flower can be trodden on but it regrows, that is exactly that you’ve been been through or are going through. Some things are a blessing in disguise, it is/ was right to let go of something or someone. Try and not look back on the past in sadness, remember that sometimes you learn from what you’ve been through and perhaps this reminds you of what you desire.

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