Card 1
Be yourself! The card guides you to be open and honest in situations. You need to listen to your intuition and the feelings that are coming to you, don’t ignore them. You feel them for a reason. The High Priestess also guides you to spirituality, have you considered developing your psychic ability so you can be more in touch with and recongise your feelings and senses of spirit that are around you? You need to make a decision in your life and it’s important that you listen to your heart, and not your head.

Card 2
Here spirit are guiding you to enjoy your life. Everything may be feeling a little too serious, but you may be feeling quite serious in a certain situation. Try and not take things too heart at this time, it could be a joke someones made or something someone has said, that perhaps may not be intentional. My spirit guides are also showing me that you’re needing to relax and switch off, sleep may be a problem for you? Have you been struggling to settle? Perhaps lavender would help you. Try and not stress too much about the unknown or things that you can’t resolve – everything is coming together for you, in the very near future.

Card 3
If you’re drawn to no.3 then this card guides you to stand firm and strong. Stand firm in your choices and situations, decisions and actions that you’ve made. You need to not be dragged into situations that aren’t your concern and also stay clear of people you do not or know you cannot trust. Can you really trust those you share your feelings, thoughts and secrets with? Spirit are guiding you to also take new opportunities, perhaps a new job, new home or new relationship. Don’t let the past pave your future. You are coming into a time of new beginnings and a fresh start, if you let it happen, that is!