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Here are our 3 Tarot Cards for the week:
The Sun
Six of Swords 


Starting with The Sun, this brings about positive news. You’ll soon be coming into a time where you’re feeling more awake, alert and motivated. Perhaps you’ve been feeling as though you’ve lost ‘the spark’ within you? Perhaps the spark to do something or simply the motivation or interest in / to do something? The Sun brings a time of positive change but you’re being guided this week to think things through and make sure that you do not make any type of decision based purely on emotions. Think things through tactifully and look at situations for everyone that’s involved. It’ll then work out better in the end.

The Death card shows an ending to a situation or a feeling. The Death card can relate to an area of your life, but also shows the ending of a phase in your life. You should be feeling a lot clearer on certain aspects or areas of your life, with that the uncertainty should start to lift that’s around you. There has been or will be something in your life that needs to change and you may go through a time where you perhaps don’t feel the courage to make a change. The Death cards never refers to literal death, it always refers to the ending of phases and situations in our lives.

Lastly, the 6 of Swords guides us to be very careful of some people around us. It’s important that we listen to our intuition and that we keep our mindsets positive also. You’re being guided to look ahead to the future, to come, rather than looking back to the past – at what has happened. What has happened, happened – and now needs to be left behind you. You will then be ready to go into new things in the future. Holding on to anger will only hurt you and not anyone else. I feel with this card that you need to be reminded that what we go through in life is to teach us lessons – so, don’t look at everything so negatively this week. Some things that happen do change us for the better.

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