If you first saw a face when looking at the picture then this shows you’re a very down to earth person. Someone who is a good communicator and who can get on well with people of all backgrounds. You are non judgemental and someone who is approachable. You would do great in a people based job, or a care environment with this personality. If you saw the lips in the image then you need to be open and honest in your life right now. The red shows that you may be feeling either irritated or angry about someone or something. You need to be facing situations head on in your life right now and try and not take things to heart. A situation needs you to take control and take action rather than waiting for it to change itself; or not.

If you saw bird/s in the image then you are a free spirit. You like space and you’re someone who may become chlostrophobic or even panicked at times. The birds show you are a spiritual soul. You come from perhaps a background of people with strong intuition or psychic abilities. You’re an old soul. You’re someone who pays attention to people around you. You’re the type of person who pays attention to peoples motives and likes to take time before trusting someone fully. Perhaps there’s someone in your life that you trusted, recently or to come – who perhaps hasn’t or isn’t being honest?

If you saw a horse in the picture then you are needing to move forwards in your life. It is time to let go, let go of a situation, and let go of the past. Spirit are guiding you to new opportunities and new beginnings. The horse is all about moving on, feeling motivated, supported and empowered. Perhaps someone around you isn’t helping you right now? Perhaps someone is bringing you down. It is time to move away from anyone OR anything that is holding you back from your dreams! Keep moving forwards, trusting and believing in yourself. The horse does guide you to grounding, your life may be hectic right now. You may be feeling scattered in your mind, perhaps a little all over the place – perhaps some meditation and relaxation will help you now, try it!

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