The moon is going to do something it hasn’t done in 150 years.

The January 31st Total Lunar Eclipse is a super moon. Also known as ‘Blue Moon’.

What does the Blue Moon tell us?
Astrologically, a Blue Moon is a time to be mindful of exaggerations in situations in your life, it can be a time when you’re feeling more ‘down’ than usual, perhaps ‘low, tired or fatigued’.

With Venus in opposition to the moon, this is time to look beyond what appears to you in life, ie. with people and situations, look beyond the surface. This is time to pay particular attention to what you’re putting out there, trust this lunar moon to bring progression, attention and recognition from others.

This also brings a time of celebration, this is time to acknowledge the completion of things your life and this is time when things can also come to an end. Pay attention to egotism and being put down by others. Be aware of overestimating what you’re capable of and be aware of indulgence and being perhaps too ‘carefree’ in area’s of your life, perhaps money, career, etc. This brings a time when hard work will ‘pay off’, and you will soon feel focussed and motivated.

If you’re aware of these things, then the super moon is an exiting time to focus your energy in the right way and achieve fantastic results, across all areas of your life. It’s time to embrace new opportunities, let go of the old and bring in the new.

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