Being drawn to the question shows a time of uncertainty. This is a time when you’re being guided to put yourself and your own happiness first, that needs to be your priority. Spirit mention you feeling stuck in a situation and you mustn’t feel guilty or stay somewhere for the benefit of someone else. You may not be feeling happy in a situation and spirit simply say the longer you leave it the worse you will feel. It’s time to trust your feelings, you have a very strong intuition and it’s time to listen to it.

The heart does not only show love but support. Your loved one’s in Spirit hear your calls for help. It’s time to slow down and look after yourself, it may be connected to your health, but you do need to be taking things slowly and easily now, without being too hard on yourself. Spirit are sending healing to where you request and this is simply them acknowledging that they hear your prayers, healing works in mysterious ways. Spirit are guiding you to move away from negativity, whether it be people or situations, keeping your circle positive is important now. There is also a child in spirit close to you and it’s one of your guardian angels, children live on as our angels whether they reach this world or not.

The Rabbit guides you to not be tempted or drawn in to anything. It’s time to stand your ground in situations in your life. Remember when you say no, you need to mean it. There may be or soon be a reason for you to question a decision you’ve made, perhaps this is around love, perhaps someone has or will come back into your life? Or you may think about reconciliation with a past connection. Whatever the decision is, you need to be firm in. Remember, isolating yourself and shutting yourself off from people will leave you feeling alone, sometimes we can create loneliness ourselves.

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