1. Now is a time to remain strong, stay with what you believe in. You may feel manipulated in a situation or swayed at this time. Always trust your gut instincts and make your own decisions.

2. This is a time where you’re thinking about the past. You feel like something or someone is missing from your life. Spirit are reminding you they are always with you and that your loved ones are never far away. You may have received or will soon a sign such as a feather, significant song or notice a sign or name.

3. The horse brings strength and courage. This is a time for you to be connecting with the earth and nature. There is a big push here for you to develop your psychic senses further, always trust what you receive! You also have a guardian angel being a baby/child in Spirit.

4. A new door opens for you, you may though still be in doubt. You’re not sure what to do. You have been needing more motivation and focus. Especially in career , study or work areas. A new opportunity has or will soon present itself and this leads to other things for you that come your way. Sometimes we have to take a leap of faith and trust that all will work out.

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