Hey, it’s Chris Riley! I hope you enjoy your reading, these messages are given to me from my spirit guides. If you’re looking for an in depth reading then you can send a text message or phone us on 03302019605. Do share with a friend, as it may help them too, remember these are for everyone!

#1. Being drawn to this shows you are a very kind, warm and generous person, who puts others before him/herself. It’s really important that at this time in your life you are taking good care of yourself. You’re being guided to keep calm and think things through before making actions and changes in your life now. You may be feeling like taking a sudden change but are being guided to not act on impulse. You are also being reminded that your loved ones in Spirit do hear your calls for help, what is it you are really worrying about right now? Take a breathe, nothing bad is going to happen. Try and not imagine the worst possible outcome, otherwise you will draw this to you. The angels and your loved ones have got your back, always.

#2. Spirit are guiding you to new opportunities and new beginnings. There is more out there for you to explore and achieve. Being drawn to this is showing me that you are someone who takes pride and care in what you do. You are someone who won’t do a job half finished, you see things right throught to completion, this will not go unseen when it comes to work areas. This is time to not be hesitant, to believe in yourself. Especially around career and work areas youre being guided to move forwards, perhaps a new job, interviews or a change in work. What you are looking for is coming to you very soon. You also have a child around you in spirit as your guardian angel, this could be directly connected to you or someone very close to you. Within the last 3 years something has hurt you very deeply. It’s important that you let go of this now, in order to move forwards. Why let one person potentially ruin your future? You have many good things ahead of you, but try and not think that everyone is out to get you.

#3. If you’re drawn to number 3 then the blue colours show you’re a good communicator, you are honest, kind and people can rely upon you. 2020 has shown a lot of changes for you, and some have happened very suddenly or very quickly. You may not have been prepapred for some of these changes but you are being reminded that they were meant to happen. There is no going back now. Try and not be dragged back into old flames, past connections and situations through feelings of sadness or lonliness. Keep focussed and focussed on what you want to achieve, your own goals and dreams – stay clear of jealousy and greed; it can be especially difficulty when this is someone close to you, perhaps a family member or friend – it is important that you listen to your intuition, your gut feelings, perhaps things weren’t as you thought but when you listen to your intuition I’m sure you’re feelings do come to light!

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