The Robin tells you to keep strong and listen to your intuition. The robin is one of the most common signs from spirit, it is guiding you to forget the past too and move on. If there is something you’re thinking about letting go of then here is your confirmation. It is time to let go of something that no longer serves you and forget the past, move forwards now.

If you’re drawn to the Butterfly then now is a time of new beginnings and transformations. This is time to focus on yourself and make sure you’re looking after yourself as well as others. Those who are drawn to this are naturally carers and healers, spirit are guiding you to healing.

The feathers is acknowledgement that spirit are hearing your prayers. They are bringing healing to where it is needed, perhaps yourself or someone around you. You’re being guided to take things slowly and easily and look after yourself. If you have any appointments coming up for anything then this is confirmation that spirit are guiding and helping you where needed.

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