If you’re drawn to this picture spirit are guiding you to letting go of the past. You’re being guided to forget someone / something and move forwards. Spirit are bringing you healing in help to move on and let go. New beginnings are coming, at the right time!

You’re being guided to take a breath before making changes. Spirit are guiding  you to keeping calm. You may have been feeling like running away from someone or something, or just your life in general now. Things will improve gradually but you need to firstly not act in impulse and secondly keep focussed and positive.

Spirit are guiding you to take a break, look after yourself and make sure you say ‘no’ sometimes. Spirit are taking you to new opportunities in work, career or even study. Spirit are giving you a sense of belief and reassurance. You’re guided to take new opportunities and beginnings, something’s been making you unhappy but you are hesitant to make changes. Remember to enjoy your life too!

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