If you’re drawn to this picture then it’s time to slow down and listen to your intuition when it comes to decisions in your life. You may be in deep thought right now and may be unsure as to what to do when it comes to a certain area of your life. Spirit are guiding you to listen to your intuition with these choices but it’s time to also put yourself first. Spirit want you to put your happiness first and enjoy your life rather than carrying something with you that makes you unhappy. Sometimes letting go of something is the best thing for us, it’s time to let go of negativity and move forwards to new things, new beginnings and a new chapter in your life.

If you’re drawn to this picture then you’re someone who naturally is a deep thinker, you keep things to yourself. What you must realise however is sometimes this isn’t healthy. People may not even know there’s an issue if you aren’t opening up. It’s time to be open and honest and say how you feel in situations. At this time it’s also important to pay attention to your own health too, listen to what your body is telling you and there’s times when you need to rest and rejuvenate.

Those who are an old soul will be naturally drawn to this picture. This shows you’re also very deep when it comes to your emotions, you are a private person and this is mostly due to what you’ve been through. You must remember that not everyone will treat you like those in your past, or those you already know. Try not to, at this time let your past map out your future based on your mindset. It’s time to keep moving forwards and not back, when the past comes creeping back up it has nothing to say to you. It’s important in all areas of your life at this time to keep the doors closed to the past, don’t bring yourself back through past hurt or pain, or do what someone else expects of you. You know now who is good for you, what is and what isn’t.

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