The New Moon in Libra occurs on Sunday, September 25th 2022 at 5:54 PM EDT 

The New Moon in the sign of libra is a perfect time to commit to new goals, ideas, and focus on what it is that you really want to achieve.

You may have found the past few weeks that you’ve been more aware of what it is that you actually want in a situation in your life, and perhaps you’ve come to a few realisations, and perhaps you have decided that something or someone isn’t for you any more, and it’s time for change. 

With the libra energy, expect to make important changes in your life, Libra teaches us to make peace and harmony with those we love, and those around us. It is an ideal time to also work on our communication in relationships, too. 

Libra New Moon also brings us fresh energy into our lives, and more so into our relationships. This is time for us to look at the relationships in our lives and see what we can do better. It is time for us to walk away from anyone or anything nice holding us back or limiting us from our truth. We have to remember that not all relationships are perfect, and not all relationships are created equally. However, the libra new moon teaches us to look at and adjust our expectations of people. 

Sometimes, we expect too much from people. Sometimes, we expect people to be as kind, loving and perhaps as caring as we are. Sometimes this is not the case. You may find that during the libra new moon that you feel let down by someone. Perhaps someone that you have been there for, perhaps someone that you sacrificed things for, maybe they just haven’t been there for you and cared for you in the same way you did them?

The Libra moon tends to bring up many emotions, somethings that you may not have necessarily dealt with. Some things that you may need to deal with to be able to move forwards. As an air sign, libra affects the mental state. You might find yourself overthinking or just generally feeling very overwhelmed. Try and deal with situations calmly and talk about how you are feeling in relationships, whether personal or interpersonal. 

Remember to pay close attention to how you feel around people. Also pay attention to what triggers you, as well as equally, what makes you happy. Be very careful, and selective on who you share your energy and space with.

On a libra new moon, it is a good time for us to be focusing on what it is we’ve truly won in our lives. It is good for us to focus on our intentions. So, write down what it is that you want to achieve right now, write down what is that is holding you back and focus over the next few weeks on these things, and watch your life change for the better. 

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