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About Jayson

Im a natural-born Psychic, as well as intuitive. My gifts have been passed down several generations. My gifts are my ability to see, feel, and know. Talking with me will bring you comfort and ease as you go on your journey.
I will provide support and guidance when you want to transform your life, going beyond examining just the tangible parts of your life.
I will help you set and reach your long-term goals and objectives, make positive changes, and access the blessings you deserve.
I will do this by tapping into your energy and focusing on spiritual healing and emotional well-being.
My goal is to inspire you, give you the inner power to help you achieve your dreams! Most importantly, make you excited about life again.

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  • Clairvoyant
  • Clairsentient
  • Life Coach
  • Counsellor
  • Psychic
  • Love/relationships
  • Career/work
  • Destiny/life path
  • Deceased loved ones

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Personal Psychic readings

Chris’ talented team can answer all of your questions. From insights into possible romances on the horizon to career changes, how your loved ones are faring on the other side and more, their wondrous readings are like nothing you’ve ever seen. You can trust that your reading will be completely bespoke and insightful.

Chris’ long list of loyal clients includes some of the UK’s favourite celebrities; he is a psychic to the stars, including reality TV royalty. For example, Chris has given readings to our very own Queen of the Jungle, Jacqueline Jossa, TOWIE’s iconic ‘GC’ Gemma Collins, Geordie Shore’s Marnie Simpson and more. Praised for his incredibly accurate insights and remarkable level of detail, Chris delivers nothing but the best for his clients.

Whether you choose to connect through phone readings, text, email or his social media live streams, Chris and his team look forward to connecting with you soon.

Pay by card

Pay by card

1844 247-8240

10 mins for $20, 20 mins for $40, 30 mins for $60. Extra mins $2.50/min. 18+

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Pay Online

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