A Little Bit About Me

People often ask me ‘How did you know?’. I always felt different. I felt in some way that I was here to do something different. I felt different from people around me. I was a very kind boy, I would be the one that would stay behind at school to help others.

The ‘psychic gift’ runs in the family, I don’t see it as a gift. Just like someone can play a guitar, or sing, I can speak to spirits. I have always listened to them and have never felt frightened, which is another question you may ask. It really helps to have someone around you that understands the ‘weird and wonderful’ shall we say.

I remember at around the age 9 or 10, the first significant event in my life where maybe those around me knew I was somewhat different. I predicted that we would get broken into, we lived in a quaint little village in the countryside. It happened that same night, I knew, it was like a little voice but a gut feeling.

At 14 or 15 years of age I started to explore tarot cards, I just felt intrigued. I would sit and watch mediums, videos and research. It all felt so exciting, til then I launched my Facebook page offering free readings and effectively practicing learning. It all became a little bit strange, and suddenly I was starting to think of names, descriptions and talk about peoples relatives. Quickly people were telling me to give professional readings. It was all a slow development as I would sit and meditate, focus and try and understand what I was experiencing.

“I gave my first reading at just 15 years of age, which at that point I used the tarot cards.”

However, I was never taught to use the tarot cards, it just came to me, in which most of my ability has. From then, it hasn’t stopped. I remember waking up and seeing my grandad laying next to me, that was just a few months after the passed, and it quickly disappeared.

I now give one to one readings, and have helped thousands of people internationally, I am now travelling the world bringing guidance and healing messages from above.

With my psychic ability I can feel emotions connected with you, and those around you, and tune in to others feelings and intentions.

As a Medium, I am able to sense, see and feel your loved one’s in Spirit, those you love that have passed before you. Within a Mediumship reading you will see that the bond and love you shared has not parted and that they are indeed always around and watching over you.

I’m an award wining psychic and that has been one of my proudest achievements to date, to have come 1st place in four awards known as the Soul & Spirit Awards.

I am so glad you have visited my website and I hope we connect one day!


All my love,


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