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Here are our 3 Tarot Cards & Spiritual Reading for the week:
3 of Pentacles
The World
The Hierophant 



Starting with the Three of Pentacles it is time to be giving to yourself. You need to be taking good care of yourself and it’s time to be watching who and what you’re spending your energy on. You may be feeling like you’re being taken advantage of and it’s important that you set boundaries within situations. This week you’re being guided to pay attention to how you feel. Listen to what your body tells you and how you’re feeling, as well as your intuition. How do you feel about situations? Is there a bad vibe around someone or something? Pay attention.

The World gives you a push of encouragement this week, if you’ve been hesitating on something then now is time to do it. This card comes around career, work, home and family areas. Sometimes the grass is actually greener on the other side. This is a perfect time for a job interview, new buisness or study venture, house move and more. Try and not hesitate too much now, believe in yourself and listen to your gut. It may be that you’ve been hesitating on something and as a result you’ve been putting something off, perhaps because you’ve not been sure if it’s right for you. Again, listen to your intuition this week. Other people cannot make decisions for you so try and not be influenced by others around you and certainly don’t feel guilty for others too, or stay in something for the benefit of someone else.

The Hierophant guides us to have balance in our lives. Make sure that you’re spending equal time and attention on things and that you’re not neglecting anything that you love. Spirit are guiding us this week to really pay attention to our thoughts and feelings. If you are not happy about something in your life then you must speak about it. Ignoring a problem will not make it dissapear. It is time to be putting yourself first and not the needs and wants of others. This week you may need to address an issue with someone or something, when you do – it may not feel positive, however you may give someone something to think about.

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