If you’re drawn to this picture then you’re being guided to take a leap of faith, something you’ve perhaps been hesitating on or feeling apprehensive with. It’s time to believe in yourself and remember that sometimes jumping right into something new could be the best thing. It could open new doors and opportunities for you. Be aware of however – making impulse decisions right now, make sure you’ve considered everything before you make any changes, listen to advice from close friends and family, and those around you.

If you’re drawn to this then naturally you’re a very deep person when it comes to emotions, you hold everything very close to your heart and at times you don’t ‘open up’, you hold everything very much to yourself, that’s due to the hurt and the pain you’ve been through. It’s now time to let go of that, let go of how others have treated you and remember it’s them – not you. Listen to your heart and remember when you shut yourself off and isolate yourself from the world, you’re potentially missing things that could come your way. It’s time to open your heart and welcome new people and new opportunities into your life.

If you’re drawn to this picture then naturally you have a very strong intuition. You’re a very caring person, and you tend to put yourself at the bottom of the list, and others at the top. You naturally have a massive heart and you will do anything for anyone, you have to remember how you’re just as important as others. Spirit are guiding you to listen to your heart at this time, you have / could have to make a decision, and it may be difficult to do the best for everyone, what you need to do is what is best for you. It will make a change, and a positive one – to put yourself first. If you are not happy in something then why are you holding on to it?

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